Wine glassware

by Maureen
(Boston USA)

Collecting wine glasses became my hobby when my grandma gifted two hand-painted wine glasses to me on my sixteenth birthday. That was 8 years ago and I am still at it. Searching for new additions for my collection is my passion.

In the beginning, I just picked up wine glassware wherever I found it and I was more interested in quantity than quality. Now that I'm older I am choosier and I look for wine glasses that will enhance my collection. My taste is evolving as my collection grows. I like to choose glasses with a particular style or from a certain period and I try to buy the best that I can afford. Sometimes I even stretch my budget if I find something exquisite.

I have been reading a lot of reference books for collecting the classy stuff. Wine glasses with rare shapes always catch my eye. I have a collection of 500 glasses so far. Each month, I budget money from my salary for this hobby. I want my collection to keep on growing.

My favorite wine glasses are:

My uncle gifted me on my 21st birthday some beautiful crystal stemware. I fell in love with the set as soon as I saw the glasses.

My mother gifted me a beautiful peach-colored glass set. Those glasses are very close to my heart because of their beautiful color and great shape, and also because of the person who gave them to me.

I also have some glasses with a very unique pattern. They are just perfect for a candle-light dinner. When light reflects on them, they look like gems.

That's the best part about collecting wine glassware. You can enjoy the beauty of the glass and the wonderful wine that it is holding. Thank you for helping me select some good wines. Maybe I'll try collecting beer glassware next.

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